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Garage Conversions Scotland provides budget friendly "GAIN-A-ROOM" service to your house. Add an extra room to your house by converting your unused garage. We offer garage converion services in livingston, bathgate garage conversions, linlithgow garage conversions, edinburgh garage conversions, glasgow garage conversions and other areas

Whether you want to simply convert your garage into a study or small room, or you want us to do garage conversion based on pre-approved technical plans, we can do it all. From planning to plumbing, from electricals to boiler replacements, we can help you do anything and everything in your garage. Please contact us for more details.

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Garage Conversion News

The new garage conversion rules and regulations from the Plannings Departmennt for most councils now require a full paperwork and formalities to be completed even before you can think of starting work on your garage conversion project. Our team of garage converters and garage room builders not only save you the hassle of applying for the warrant / licence, but also ensure that all work is carried out according to the latest rules and regulations so you can get the completion certificate successfully when the project of converting your garage is over. Please feel free to contact us to get full details on how we can help you convert your garage hassle free!

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